The process

As part of the Barlinek recruitment processes, we collect personal data of the work candidates. We collect your personal data directly from you by submitting an application via the Barlinek website (e-recruitment), in the form of a traditional CV submitted to us, or from a third party, i.e. recruitment agencies, depending on the requirements of the recruitment process. If you give your additional consent, these data will also be used in future recruitment processes and will be made available for recruitment purposes to other, designated entities of the Group.


Personal Data

We process information provided to us in your CV, cover letter or other forms necessary for the recruitment process. The information we process includes necessary information specified by the provisions of the law, such as first name(s), last name, date of birth, telephone number, mailing address, e-mail address, education, employment history, skills, references and other information disclosed in the application documents. Therefore, information should not be provided in the broader scope, including any particular data, i.a., ethnic origin, sexual orientation, creed or any other similar belief, political opinion, state of health, sexual life. Should the applications be accompanied by such additional data, they will not be used and will not be taken into account during the recruitment process. In the case of applications for positions where applicable provisions of the law require that you provide information about no criminal record, we may ask you to provide such data. We only obtain such data insofar as this is appropriate and in compliance with local provisions of the law.


Purpose and legal basis of the processing

Your personal data are processed in order to fulfil the obligation resulting from the provisions of the law, in particular the Labour Code, and to take action at the request of a person who is a data subject prior to the conclusion of an agreement, related to the recruitment process on the basis of Art. 6(1)(c) of the GDPR (legal obligation) and Art. 6(1)(B) of the GDPR (taking action at the request of a person who is a data subject prior to concluding an agreement), and also after expressing separate consent for the purpose of conducting the recruitment process with respect to the data not required by the provisions of the law, for the purposes of future recruitment processes and recruitment conducted to the indicated entities of the Barlinek Capital Group, on the basis of Art. 6(1)(a) of the GDPR (consent of the data subject).

Providing data in the scope specified in the Labour Code or in other specific acts (as required by the notice) is necessary to participate in the recruitment procedure. The consequence of not providing such data may be the exclusion of a work candidate from the recruitment procedure. Providing other information is voluntary and does not affect the possibility of participating in the recruitment.


Data storage

In connection with your participation in the recruitment process your personal data will be stored:

a) until the end of the recruitment process for the position indicated in the notice,

b) in the case of giving consent to the processing of data for the purposes of future recruitment conducted by the Controller – until the moment of withdrawal of such consent, not later than one year from the moment of giving consent,

c) in the case of providing data to entities from the Barlinek Capital Group – until the withdrawal of this consent.

After the above mentioned period, for the period for which the law requires data to be stored or for the period of limitation of possible claims. In the event of successful recruitment, your personal data will be stored for the purpose of preparing an employment agreement or a civil law agreement, in accordance with statutory provisions.



The recipients of personal data of the candidate will be entities providing services related to the handling of the recruitment process, entities providing services of destruction of documents and other carriers, as well as entities authorised to receive data on the basis of the provisions of the law. In the event that consent is given for the data to be made available, the Companies of the Barlinek Capital Group will be specified as the recipient.