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Solid Floor

Natural tresaures - solid wood flooring

A solid floor is classical and elegant. It is a captivating minimalism. It is natural, warm to the touch and permanent. Its pure, natural material and the character of its construction ensure that any interior looks luxurious and elegant. It has its own style and unusual charm, and is seductive from first sight. These qualities and its timeless form mean that our collection is solidly in the elite among wooden floors..


Bevelled edges on all sides of the board

5 layers of lacquer or 2 layers of oil

Can be renovated (scraped) down to 8 mm





Lacquering the boards

Thanks to our floors' modern lacquering technology we have obtained a natural product, effectively protected against abrasion and discoloration.

A board finished with TOTAL RESISTANCE lacquer is above all characterised by:

■ toughness – 7 layers of hardened lacquer
■ durability, high elasticity, hardness and resistance to abrasion
■ ecology – it does not contain volatile substances harmful to the health
■ aesthetics – the lacquer does not crack or flake

The high quality and resistance have been confirmed by the Taber method (sand method according to EN 14354:2004). The results of the test (approx. 3200 cycles) place our product very high in WR1 class. This means that Barlinek solid floors can also be laid in busy residential rooms.

Oiling the floorboards

High quality natural based oils impregnate the wood to protect it against excessive damp and dirt. The special composition of the oil enlivens
the colours and texture of the wood. Oiled wood breathes, ensuring the room has a balanced climate. Double oiled solid boards are suitable for spaces with very intensive usage. The floors' surface is easy to repair at specific required points, and to keep maintained.

A board finished with FULL PROTECTION oil means above all:

■ natural origin – oils based on natural ingredients
■ health – antistatic surface, warm to the touch
■ aesthetics – emphasises the grain of the board, surface easily renovated

Ageing the floorboards

We have added an additional process to the wood processing, consisting of ageing the wood. The boards are characterised by an expressive texture which we obtained by brushing the wood surface. During this process, the wood is given an additional dimension, the surface quality and natural beauty of the wood is emphasised. Depending on the type of stain and finishing (matt lacquer or oil) used, we achieved a unique line of timeless, aged solid wood floors.


Length of board in pack -   600 – 1800 mm
Floorboard thickness  -  18 mm
Floorboard width -  135 mm
Number of m2 in a pack -  1,45 m2
Pack weight ≈19 kg

Finishing - 7 layers of lacquer or 2 layers of oil

Microphase - Bevelled edges on all sides of the floorboardschichten

Surface layer - Can be renovated (scraped)

Stress-Relief Grooves - The grooves reduce stress within flooring and make it easier to lay.

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