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Every Barlinek collection reflects current trends in interior architecture and industrial design. The SENSES floors launched this year are a creative combination of large size, a subdued colours and natural beauty. They are oak floorboards with a higher than standard width (207 mm), clearly marked edges, subtle earthy tones and distinguishable natural wood structure emphasised by natural oils or matte lacquer.

The collection is aimed at people aware of the power of detail, who know that in an exclusive interior less is more, and that beauty lies in the quality of the raw material and the precision of execution.

“The sparse form and refined details are the essence of the best design, which means that the SENSES floors will adorn luxury interiors both now and in the future.”

Patrycja Zaczyńska
Architect collaborating on the creation of the SENSES collection

The power of form

Arranging a minimalist interior requires great skill in working with forms and colours. A sparse style of arrangement emphasises the lightness and spaciousness of a room and displays the floor -the brushed and subtly whitened GENTLE oak.

An interior based on harmony and the intertwining of vertical and horizontal planes. The head board crowning the bed frame becomes an extension of the boards used in the interior, which increases their power of expression.

Perfect perspective

The use of a contrasting object on the surface of the ceiling is a technique often applied by architects. The grey colour of the ceiling lowering harmonises stylishly with the bed frame and the other elements of the interior, including the subtly coloured TOUCH accent oak floor.

The introduction of light-reflecting planes into the interior, gives the space depth and expressiveness, and visually enlarges it. The shine effect along with the mirror image of selected elements of the décor, requires a well thought-out arrangement which leaves practically no room for chance.

The order of things

An interior which is the essence of a simple take on elegance, showing its creator's particular attention to detail. The wall, finished with ceramic, has become a background which encases a television and displays a picture which blends in elegantly. The palette of colours used works perfectly with the TENDER oak board.

The floor's ideal plane does not compete with the dramatism of the individual elements in the arrangement, but helps bring out their unconventional nature. The exceptional width of the boards is emphasised by the clearly marked edges, and the wood's natural warmth calms and harmonises the arrangement.

The power of expression

Light and cosy spaces release positive emotions and are conducive to a relaxing atmosphere. The materials used in the interior enhanced with their delicacy which contrasts stylistically with the rather raw form of the designer chair. This arrangement is perfectly complemented by the SENSE natural floorboard.

The natural wood used on the walls joins and blends in with the wood floor to form a completely new quality of space. The interior has a seductive warmth and natural feel. Despite the simplicity it remains sophisticated and full of elegance.

Classic layout

Original stylish elements take on a new dimension in this interior, so that the arrangement as a whole personifies a new dimension of the classic. The light spaces and inspirations drawn from London residences are in perfect harmony with the classically elegant HARMONY oak floor.

The interior presents a design classic in a modern incarnation. An enormous advantage, are the high windows, which illuminate the room. Small accessories and the open-work lamps arranged in an unexpected way stress the exceptional nature of the arrangement.

Impressive effect

Classic, light armchairs with finishing in fine material, a decorative crystal chandelier and antique sculpted columns make an interior not only more luxurious, but also "light". Attention is paid to every slightest detail of the fireplace, giving the room a timeless elegance. Walls in subtle colours and adorned with stuccowork form just the right background to display the qualities of the JOY wood boards' non-standard size and natural colour.

The application of rich profiling combined with taupe has provided an extraordinary effect. A colonial touch is given by the horizontal wooden blinds and stylized furniture from various corners of the world. Long thick curtains accentuate the height of the room.

Travel through time

Playing with form and shape has produced an interior in the unconventional style of rustic_industrial. The combination of two seemingly opposite and contradictory elements has enabled a stylish balance to be achieved between modern minimalism and natural cosiness. The INTENSE oak floor brings out the nuances of the arrangement .

The teasing replacement of structural columns with tree trunks gives the interior an original character. Large sized window frames enable the space to receive the right amount of light and bring out the beauty of the subtle colour scheme in which the arrangement is maintained.

Quality of space

An exceptionally stylish arrangement in a Scandinavian style. The fireplace warms the interior, and the minimal amount of furniture and accessories with simple forms intensifies the impression of spaciousness. The leading role in the interior is played by the EXCITE oak floor, whose distinct pattern determines the atmosphere of the room.

An unconventional effect achieved by minimalized decorating. The rawness of the smeared plaster and cast iron columns supporting the ceiling has been broken up with elements which add warmth to the interior - a fireplace, cosy armchair and perfectly matched wood floor.