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Barlinek floorboard

  • 100% wood
  • Possible to lay over underfloor heating
  • Solid construction
  • A floor resistant to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • A product ready for use immediately after installation
  • Possible to renovate

100% of wood

The Barlinek floorboard is a natural and noble product created from genuine wood. Wooden floorboards are healthier and more durable than any kind of synthetic imitation. Unlike laminates, they are pleasantly warm to the touch, they do not electrify nor attract dust or mites. Therefore, they are a perfect solution for allergy sufferers. They provide perfect soundproofing, and thanks to their ability to absorb humidity they regulate microclimate of the room. Also, the Barlinek wooden floorboard can be sanded down and renovated with lacquer many times.

For under floor heating

Not every wood floor can be laid over underfloor heating. However, thanks to its layered cross structure, the Barlinek floorboard conducts heat well and can be successfully applied on both electric and water floor heating. It is one of its advantages over solid wood floors. The Barlinek floorboard can be installed over floor heating in two ways. It can be laid in a floating system or by gluing to the subfloor.

Stable construction

Our climate is a real challenge for the floor. Natural wood’s moisture content will fluctuate depending on the weather outside. For this reason, it sometimes occurs that traditional wood floors swell, squeak or dry out causing splits. But not the Barlinek floorboard! It is made not from one, but three layers of real wood arranged in a cross structure. The cross construction reduces natural tension and compression of wood, provides a balance between the layers of the board, and thus guarantees the stability of the floor, even under changing weather conditions outside.
The Barlinek floorboard is not one, but three layers of real wood arranged in a modern cross construction. The Barlinek floorboard's layered structure ensures the floor's stability and enables the forces of nature to be tamed as effectively as possible. It is perfectly suited for underfloor heating. 

SURFACE LAYER - selected European or exotic wood, oiled or lacquered.

MIDDLE AND BOTTOM LAYER - cross structure made of coniferous wood.

Quick installation

The Barlinek floorboard can be installed in a floating system, that is glueless and based on modern tongue-and-groove joints. It is a quick and simple method, that allows you to install the floor yourself, without having to employ an expert. The floor is also easy to be dismantled or re-installed. An alternative is to install the floor in a traditional way - by gluing the boards to the subfloor, which ensures stability of the installation even on large surfaces. The Barlinek floorboard does not require any additional preservative treatment due to its highest quality factory-finishing with oils or lacquers. The floor is ready for use immediately after installation.

Modern Joints

Lay the floor yourself and enjoy it the very same day. Two quick 5Gc joints and Barclick allow you to lay the floor without most of the tools which are usually necessary to install a floor.


Joint — 5Gc BARLOCK system:

  • fast — assembly is 25% faster
  • by yourself — no need to be a specialist
  • clean and comfortable — reduction of contamination risk during installation
  • safe — reduction of damage risk during installation or dismantling.

Joint — BARCLICK system

  • quick and easy installation
  • the floor is immediately ready to use
  • strong and lasting joints
  • easy dismantling
  • can be laid again.



Three rows of staves across the width of the board (similar appearance to a traditional floor).


One row of staves along the width of the board (similar appearance to solid floorboard)







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