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Multi-layered coating with a UV-hardened lacquer system protects the floor by forming a surface protecting against abrasion, dirt and micro-scratches.

The major advantages of the lacquer coatings are:

  • high abrasion resistance
  • easy to care for and keep clean
  • high aesthetic and practical value
  • high resistant to abrasion

Types of lacquer

Matt Lacquer

Intensifies the impression of consiness and warmth.

Semi-matt Lacquer

Emphasises the natural character of the wood floor and the depth of its design.

High Gloss Lacquer

An excellent solution for impressive elegant interiors.

Professional LACQUER

Super-resistant lacquer works excellently even in heavily used rooms. Lacquer resistant to food stains. Winner of a Swedish abrasion resistance test.



The oil penetrates the structure of the wood, emphasizing its natural qualities and beauty.

Advantages of oiled coatings:

  • oiled wood floors acquire a unique appearance,
  • the oil creates an anti-static surface, which is warm to the touch,
  • the surface of the floor is easy to keep clean and maintain.
  • oil coated floors are exceptionally durable and no problem to maintain, although we recommend you oil it periodically.

Types of oiling


Natural oil penetrates the pores of the wood, impregnating it against moisture and bringing out the natural features of the wood.


It forms a protective oil coating on the surface of the wood and increases the floor's resistance to dirt.




Brushing is a modern method of stressing the natural graining of the wood and bringing out its structure. The texture of brushed wood is discernible to the touch.



Bevelling involves slight trimming of a small part of the floorboard's edge. It highlights the individual floorboards to make the room seem bigger..