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"Creations of Nature" - international competition for designers

"Break Away from the Floor" and take part in the fourth edition of the Creations of Nature contest organised by Barlinek Institute of Design. > Learn more

Barlinek receives an award in Sweden

The Polish Embassy in Stockholm has awarded our company the Mercurius prize for success on the Swedish market. > Learn more


Barlinek at the BAU 2017 Trade Fair

There was a record attendance of over 250,000 at the BAU World Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems which took place between16-21 January in Munich. In line with the "Create and be with us!" catchphrase Barlinek could not miss this event — the largest of its kind in the world. > Learn more

Create and be with us! Meet Barlinek at 2017 Bau Trade Fair

“Create and be with us” – with this motto Barlinek invites you to participate in the 2017 BAU Tade Fair, which will take place during 16-21 January, 2017. The bi-annual BAU Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Construction Systems in Munich is the largest event of its kind in the world. > Learn more


"Creations from Nature" have been selected

The current Łódź Design Festival has included another edition of "Creations from Nature", the joint initiative by Barlinek Institute of Design and Design Alive magazine. The contest and workshops for designers, organised for the third time, was rounded off with a prizegiving ceremony and exhibition of the best floorboard designs of recent years. > Learn more

The Deputy Prime Minister's Award for Barlinek

Our company has been awarded for the excellent results of its exports to France in 2015. > Learn more


17 - 19 August Barlinek Institute of Design along with the designers who qualified for stage 2 of the Creations from Nature 3.0 competition paid a visit to the Barlinek Factory. This year's edition of the competition was an exceptional one, taking on international status for the first time as designers from Russia, Romania and Ukraine were invited to participate. The day began with the contestants taking part in the most exciting part of the contest - the craft workshops. Over the course of the three-day stay in Barlinek, the participants had the opportunity to discover the technological process behind the creation of the Barlinek Board, feel the raw material they were later to work with, and spend time in the amazing atmosphere formed by all the people present at the workshops. > Learn more


Jean Marc Artisan - a finalist in the GOOD DESIGN 2016 competition

The collection of hand-finished floors has received a positive appraisal from the jury committee of the Institute of Industrial Design's competition. "Good design" is Poland's first design award. Products entered in the contest are assessed individually in terms of visual qualities, practical qualities, economic qualities and added values which distinguish products and services. In our case the stand-out feature, apart from quality, will be the handcrafted finishing of every board. Jean Marc Artisan floors are fashionably retro in style, which is why during the process of creating them, the craftsman deliberately leaves minor scratches or damage, accepting the natural imperfection of the wood. This gives the freshly laid floor an aged appearance, and the interior it adorns immediately acquires a highly individual character. > Learn more

Contestants qualified for second stage

The Jury of the Creations from Nature competition deliberated on 13.07. This year's contest took on an international dimension, as we also invited designers from Russia, Romania and Ukraine to take part. From among the mass of works entered, the Jury selected the younger generation's most talented, passionate and imaginative designers participating in this year's competition - the third edition. > Learn more


International competition for designers.

The Barlinek Institute of Design has just commenced the third edition of its competition for architects and designers, as well as all those for whom design is pure pleasure. As in previous years, "Creations of nature" is more than just a competition - it's a comprehensive plan of Barlinek's cooperation with designers. > Learn more